White Collar Crime

  • Antitrust: Antitrust are laws that have been created under theory that the public benefits from “free competition” Where “mergers” and “acquisitions” may improperly affect competitive balance or fairness. Typical crimes include price-fixing, rigged bids. Collusion – when rival companies within an industry operate fraudulently for mutual benefit; a cartel is a special case of collusion, i.e. when baseball owners colluded not to sign “free agents” in an attempt to keep players’ salaries down.
  • Bank Fraud: is the fraudulent means to obtain money or other assets owned by a financial institution. Providing false credit report, Identity theft, bank employee embezzles as part of a scheme to defraud as in false loan applications, mortgage fraud.
  • Bribery: Where one person corruptly gives or receives from another person – money, services or some other value in return for swaying an opinion or gaining some influence for their benefit or the benefit of another. “kickbacks” “public corruption”
  • Consumer Fraud: Fraud is where one knowingly misrepresents the truth for their own gain. Lying, scheming to obtain money or other value – Insurance Fraud, Tax Fraud. Deceptive business practices that result in financial or other loss for the consumer. Identity Theft, Internet Fraud, Tax Scams, Crooked moving companies, Ponzi schemes.
  • Money Laundering: is the process where money or other assets that were derived illegally are concealed, altered, disguised in a manner to appear to be legitimately acquired.
  • Ponzi scheme: Is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to investors from their own money or from subsequent investors. The Bernie Madoff case is a prime example of a “Ponzi scheme”.

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