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Gambling: As morals have changed there has been an increase in gambling that is now lawful in Florida, such as in Tribal Casinos, regulated card rooms and penny-ante games. However there are still many types of gambling that is still illegal in Florida and by the United States Government.

I have experience in representing Organizations and persons that were charged with illegal gambling, bookmaking, wagering, in both professional (NFL, MLB, NBA) and college sports (NCAA) in Football, Baseball and Basketball. Team sports gambling is widespread and is not limited to the casual fan during the Super Bowl or the College Basketball Tournament (the office pool) Gambling also presents issues of point-shaving, fixes, bribes by players and referees managers and coaches. Most famous is the 1919 Chicago White Sox, known as the “Black Sox” and just recently a basketball referee who was motivated to call or not call fouls because of his gambling debts. Enforcement of Gambling violations could also cause the Prosecution to utilize the power of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act otherwise known as R.I.C.O. should the gambling activity qualify.

Gambling Terms

  • Action: A sports betting wager of any kind, a bet.
  • Bet: To risk something (money) on the outcome of an event.
  • Book: Establishment that accepts bets.
  • Bookie: Person who accepts bets.
  • “Buck”: $100.00 wager.
  • “Buy” a player/gambler pays extra money to receive additional points in his favor for the point spread. Or “Moving the Line” Moving the Line can also mean when the bookie has too many bets going to one team and risks losing his “Vig” he changes the point spread to induce bettors to wager on the other team.
  • Chalk: The favorite
  • Cover: A points spread win. Point Spread or the Las Vegas Line- Predicted scoring differential between opponents. E.g. The Buffalo Bills were a 7 point favorite to beat the Miami Dolphins. The Bills won 17-7. The Bills won the game by more than a 7 point differential.
  • “Dime” $1,000.00 wager.
  • “Dime Line” The juice is 10%
  • “Dog” or underdog” The team perceived most likely to lose. A favorite is a team viewed most likely to win the game.
  • “Juice”, “Vigorish” or the “Vig”: Is the Bookie’s commission on the losing bet. The bookie ideally loves a line that results in a tie. Then he keeps his Vig on both sides.
  • Lay off the Bets” When the bookie has too many bets on one team and is at risk of losing money. He might make arrangement with another bookie who has too many bets on the other team to protect their “Vig”.
  • Opening Line: The earliest post line (point spread) on an event. The line can change through the course of the week before the game begins, usually for either of these reasons: 1. Too many bets were wagered on one team and thereby putting the bookie at risk or 2. A star player on one of the teams became injured and cannot play in the game, e.g. Drew Brees getting injured would probably dramatically change the chances for the New Orleans Saints from winning the game.
  • “Over and Under” When the sportsbook establishes the total combined score for an outcome of a game, the bettor can bet the over or under of that combined score e.g. The book predicts that the total score between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets is 55 points. If the Patriots win the game 46-10. That is 56 points. The person who bet the “Over” would win the game.
  • Parlay: a bet with 2 or more teams in which all teams must win or cover for the bettor to win and receive higher payouts.
  • Teaser: Special type of parlay where each point spread is adjusted by paying an additional price, but there is a lower payout.

Prostitution: Prostitution means the giving (“Prostitute”) or the receiving (“John”) of the body for sexual activity for hire (money). This includes not only sexual intercourse, but also handling and fondling (i.e. hand-jobs) of the sexual organ of another. F.S. 796.07 The renting or leasing out of space (e.g. whore-house) for the purpose of prostitution is also a crime. FS. 796.06. Also the deriving of support (Pimp) from a prostitute is a crime. F.S. 796.05.

Case Law Update

Municipal ordinance criminalizing “loitering with intent to commit prostitution” is vague and overbroad — Trial court correctly found ordinance unconstitutional

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