Stalking is when the Defendant or suspect has engaged in a course of conduct at a specific person. It is usually old girlfriends that are targeted; however it can also be targeted at women who are desired to be a girlfriend of the Defendant. Back in the 1930’s when sending flowers to a girl every day to get her attention was viewed as romantic, today it could be considered Stalking. Stalking is not limited to man on woman. Women too can be arrested for stalking men. Stalking can also include gays and lesbians. Attorney Steven Logan has experience in all these situations.

Stalking requires willful, malicious and repeated conduct of harassment or cyber stalking.

To harass is an activity towards a specific person that causes substantial emotional distress in that person which serves no legitimate purpose. Examples are constant unwanted phone calls, following in car or on foot, showing up at places of business or other establishments. Constant mail, emails etc.

Cyber stalking is a course of conduct to communicate or cause to be communicated “words” “images” or language by or through the use of electronic mail (Email) or other forms of electronic communication on social websites like “Facebook,” “Twitter”.

Aggravated Stalking

Like stalking, aggravated stalking also includes the willful, malicious and repeated conduct towards a specific person that causes emotional distress and serves no legitimate purpose, but also includes one of the following elements:

  1. An Injunction for protection has been entered by a Judge because of prior stalking activities, or domestic violence. And the Defendant knew that an Injunction was in effect against him (or her) OR
  2. The victim was under the age of 16 years.

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