Criminal Defenses

Motion to Dismiss: The facts in the case do not demonstrate that a crime was committed.

Motion to Suppress: The Police violated your 4th Amendment Right Against Unlawful Searches and Seizures.

Unlawfully obtained Admissions and Confessions: Coercion or trickery

Duress: You committed the crime because you were threatened by another to do so.

Witness Identification: The witness made a mistake or the identification was made by suggestive police tactics.

Entrapment: The police manufactured the crime that you were not predisposed to commit.

Justification: You acted in self-defense when faced with deadly harm, serious bodily harm. … Castle Doctrine

Diminished Capacity: Intoxication, Insanity

Alibi Defense: the Defendant asserts that at the time and place the crime was committed.

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